Advanced Sales Tactics & Trends | Sales Automation | Sales Team Management

Prepared By : Ahmed Refaat
Regional Trainer, Consultant, and Speaker
Saudi Arabia / Egypt / Morocco / United Arab Emirates / Sudan / Lebanon / Turkey / Qatar/ Kuwait / Oman
WhatsApp / Egyptian Mobile +2 0100 199 7405
Advanced Sales Skills Course - Ahmed Refaat

1. Overview:
Catching a new business opportunity became one of the most powerful influential tools in organization success. So it's time to invest in how to estimate sales volume and predict the size of the demand and knowledge of the basic concepts leading for effective Sales Prediction.

2. Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of program, you'll be able to ---
·       Be aware of  Sales Activities Main Channels
·       Understand how using Sales Activities & Plans can achieve your business goals.
·       Develop profitable long term relationships with Commercial products and services customers
·       How to open new market & Sell Professionally
·   Modern Tactics of Sales Process

3. Course  Content
·        Introduction to Sales Funnel
·        Developing a Relationship Strategy
·        Becoming a Product/ Service Expert
·        Features and Benefits
·        Understanding Personal Selling Skills
·        Understanding Buyer Behavior
·        Planning Your Prospecting & Approach the right Client
·        Generating Prospects From Different Resources ( Online – Offline (
·        Top 5 Selling Methods to filter Your Leads ( Qualified Leads)
·        Building a Prospect Database
·        How to open new market with new customers
·        Identifying Buyer Concerns
·        Act as a Consultant … Not a Sales Man
·        Put your Self on your Customer's Shoes
·        The Key to Finding the Root of their Pain
·        How to Decrease Client Resistance & Increase Probability of getting their Deal Approval
·        How to Deal with Negative Comments
·        Closing the Sale (Verbal – Written(
·        The Difference Between Cold Calling And Warm Calling
·        Writing a sales email tactics
·        6 selling ways to win a Price War
·        Up-Selling & Cross-Selling Techniques
·        Identifying Buyer Concerns
·        Addressing Buyer Concerns
·        Successful Negotiation Tips in 2023:
·        Plan for successful negotiations
·        Trade strategically in negotiations
·        Successfully negotiate with procurement
·        Counter manipulative negotiation tactics
·        Introduction to consultative selling
·        Creating positive first impressions
·        5 steps to understand your customer's buying process
·        What's the Write Questions you should Ask to your clients ?
·        Understanding Your USP
·        Main Objection-handling models in 2023
·        Closing the Sale
·        Building Future Sales & Relationship with the customer
·        Develop your sales process by Analyzing your client Review and feedback

·        Getting a qualified appointments
·        How to provide a Solution …. Not only a Product or Service !!
·        Sales Meetings
·        Pre-Meetings Activities
·        Study your Client Business ( Prepare Add Value to the Client (
·        Get your Client Touch Point
·        Presentation
·        Post-Meeting Sales Activities
·        Client Follow up process
·        Planning Your Sales Questions
·        Generating new Prospects of Clients by the Right Questions
·        CTA ( Call to Action ) Your Clients & Influence Them

·        Top 5 Sales Approaches to Gain buyer commitment consistently
·        CRM and its role in implementing a sales plan
·        CRO ( Conversion Rate Optimization ) for your Sales Process
·        Study your Competitors 
·        Preparing a “ Disk Search
·        Sales Quota (Close deals at more profitable prices)
·        Prepare your Sales Plan Along with realistic KPIs
·        Customer Retention – Loyal Clients
·        How to Get New Clients from your Current DB
·        What's after the Deal ?
·        Questions & Answers
·        Prepare a Sales Strategy 
·        territory sales management Plan
·        Case Studies for Sales Automation
·        Sales Trends in 2023

4. Methodology:
The course is geared towards Building new Business Opportunities by using participatory approaches as much as possible. A variety of methodologies will be used, including presentation, discussions, group work, video discussions, question and answers, practical sessions (hands-on practice), and simulations.

5. Who Should Attend?
·       Business Development Manager
·       Business Owner
·       Sales Manager
·       Sales Executives
·       Commercial Managers

6. Languages:
·       Arabic / English.

7. Duration:
·       5 Days

8. Reference:
Some photos of my courses in 11 Countries


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