Monday, January 17, 2022

Digital Marketing Trends 2024

Digital Marketing Trends 2024

ü  Video, video, video

ü  Increased personal connections

ü  promise high data protection

ü  shape meaningful and memorable messaging that makes online experiences better

ü  updating the language and designs you use

ü  brands should be more intentional about communicating their value and authentic purpose

ü  You have to create messages and experiences that are true to your brand and relevant to people,

ü  “Shoppable” content: how you can make your content story-driven to make it more shoppable

ü  marketers can show people how their business is solving everyday sustainability problems, such as reducing the waste created by increased shopping deliveries and returns.

ü  The Rise Of Interactive Content

ü  Intent Monitoring

ü  people-based targeting through cookies

ü shareable Long-Form ‘Guide’ Pages

ü  Social commerce: shorten the distance from discovery to conversion.

ü  Shoppable live streams

ü  release gender-neutral photos

ü  create first-party data so you don’t have to rely on others’ data as much

ü  Zero-party data, or data given directly by the consumer through online interactions like surveys

ü  focus on providing meaningful experiences to users

ü  The Metaverse

ü  Non-fungible tokens

ü  Cryptocurrency


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The New Sales Trends in 2024 - Sales Conference - VIP Speaker

 I Collected some new sales trends & tactics in 2024:

- Using AI to Boost sales volume

- B2C Can teach B2B how to build an emotional connection with your customer

- Personalised customer experience

- Combine human & digital integrations

- social selling (one-to-one) relationships

- be a trusted adviser & industry expert

- Hyper-Personalization: Tools such as Clearbit, Demandbase use buyer intent data to help sales reps

- ABM ( Account-Based Marketing ): Can deliver Personalized Messages which would target accounts that sales teams are looking for to convert 

- Shorter Sales Cycle

- Selling via videos

- Sales Automation :

 1- Sales Meeting Tools: Like Calendly, Doodle

2- Sales Performance Tracking: Like SalesBuzz, SalesForce

3- Sales Call Automation & Recording Conversations with Clients: Like Gong , Avoma 

4- Online Meeting Platform: BlueJeans

5- email Automation: Getnotify, CampaignMonitor

- Teach Sales Teams new Technical Skills in IT such as : Allego , Brainshark , Gazing

- New Partners / Remote Sales Representatives / Co-opetition

- Maximize Values in 2024, Micromanagement for sales teams 

New Digital Sales Trends Conference 2021

Modern & New Sales Tactics 2021

VIP Sales Speaker Keynote in Sales Event

احدث طرق البيع وفنون المبيعات 2021 مؤتمر مصر

Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Modern digital secretarial and office administration course 2024

My delivered " Modern digital secretarial and office administration " Workshop - 75 Participants - Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦

We discussed " Google AI Assistant ", "Virtual Assistant Talents", " Google Suite " , " Trello " for Remote Team Management Software , "Electronic secretary " Behavioral Skills & attitude , " Time Management " , Electronic archiving systems " 📋 , " Digital Files Management " , " How to get job in secretary field" , "Outlook Web App " for email accessing , "Microsoft Office 365"

"Microsoft sharepoint " ,"Grammarly" for Crammer & spelling mistakes program , writing edit & content creation 🖨 "Translation Website ", "Google Drive Features 2024 ",

"Images source " , " Office manager & CEO Assistant Personal Skills"

Modern digital secretarial and office administration  2021

Office manager & CEO Assistant Personal Skills 2021 course


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Social Media Marketing Course to Editor in Chief United Arab Emirates - Daily Political Newspaper


🗞 Private coaching for Editor in Chief : Al Fajr Newspaper 📰 

(Daily newspaper - political - independent ) in Abu Dhabi -United Arab Emirate

(UAE ) 🇰🇼


1-How to use Social Media for Newspaper Agency

2-Modern Articles / News Publication Tools 2021

3-Utilize LinkedIn , YouTube , Instagram , Facebook , Twitter for promoting your Online Ads & get Sponsors to your Magazine / News Paper

4-Author Searching for Article / News Translation & Auditing

5-Get More website traffic secrets to your Newspaper

تدريب خاص لرئيس التحرير: جريدة الفجر

صحيفة ( يومية - سياسية - مستقلة) في أبو ظبي - الإمارات العربية المتحدة (الإمارات)


كيفية استخدام وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي لوكالة الصحف

أدوات النشر الإخباري 2021 للمقالات الحديثه

استخدام LinkedIn و YouTube و Instagram و Facebook و Twitter للترويج لإعلاناتك عبر الإنترنت والحصول على رعاة رسميين للمجله / الجريده الورقيه

ادوات بحث المؤلف عن ترجمة وتدقيق لمقال / أخبار

زياده عدد الزائرين للبوابه الاخباريه

Al Fajr Political Daily Newspaper Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

جريده الفجر  يوميه مستقله السياسيه الامارات 2021



Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Online Practical Course Via Zoom in Middle East دوره تفاعليه عمليه اونلاين صناعه الهويه والتسويق لها

Delivering 2⃣ online sessions 🖥 for 130 participants this week  
Online Practical Workshops about " Brand Creation " & " Digital Solutions in economic Crisis " - How to find your target Audience by using digital approaches & get real potential income 💰 - participants from Middle East specially Saudi Arabia ( KSA 🇸🇦 )

How to Find a digital solutions , digital marketing , social media tactics during global crisis & save your private business

تقديم ورشتين عمل اونلاين هذا الاسبوع لحوالي 130☛ مشارك في الشرق الاوسط معظمهم من المملكه العربيه السعوديه -ورشه بعنوان " صناعه البراند" والاخري بعنوان " إبتكار الحلول الرقميه في ظل الازمات" وكيفيه الوصول الي العملاء المحتملين - الترويج الذاتي - التسويق لمشروعك الخاص - وتصميم شعار العلامه التجاريه الخاصه بالبزنس

Online Digital Marketing Course with Certificate - Ahmed Refaat

Zoom Interactive & Practical Course - Ahmed Refaat

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Feedback from one of my participants - Marketer from Belgium

digital marketing diploma - Feedback from one of my participants - Marketer from Belgium - Multinational HR Consultancy Company  
digitaal marketing diploma - Feedback van een van mijn deelnemers

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Train the Staff of " Ajmal #clinics" in #Riyadh - #Saudi Arabia 

How to use Online #Marketing professionally in #Health & Care Sector and how to manage your online presence to be more competitive among their Competitors in Health Care Centers in Saudi  Arabia.

The Best Social Media Marketing Trainer & Instructor all over the world

Riyadh digital marketing course - Ajmal Medical Center           Al Mamlka Tower -RiyadhDigital Marketing Course in Riyadh - Ajmal Center

Friday, June 9, 2017

Online Reputation Management - Sharjah Chamber of Commerce - UAE

It's my pleasure share with you my practical Workshop to Sharjah Chamber of Commerce Staff. It was about " Online Reputation Management " and its impact on their New Strategy.
You can check the press release in "Sharjah today" newspaper

For more photos about my recent courses in MENA :
ورشه عمل في غرفه الشارقه للتجاره والصناعه - ادارة السمعه في ظل الحكومات الذكيه
ورشه عمل في غرفه الشارقه للتجاره والصناعه - ادارة السمعه في ظل الحكومات الذكيه