Wednesday, March 31, 2021

The New Sales Trends in 2021 - Sales Conference - VIP Speaker

 I Collected some new sales trends & tactics in 2021:

- Using AI to Boost sales volume

- B2C Can teach B2B how to build an emotional connection with your customer

- Personalised customer experience

- Combine human & digital integrations

- social selling ( one to one ) relationships

- be a trusted adviser & industry expert

- Hyper-Personalization: Tools such as Clearbit, Demandbase use buyer intent data to help sales reps

- ABM ( Account-Based Marketing ): Can deliver Personalized Messages which would target accounts that sales teams are looking for to convert 

- Shorter Sales Cycle

- Selling via videos

- Sales Automation :

 1- Sales Meeting Tools: Like Calendly, Doodle

2- Sales Performance Tracking: Like SalesBuzz, SalesForce

3- Sales Call Automation & Recording Conversations with Clients: Like Gong , Avoma 

4- Online Meeting Platform: BlueJeans

5- email Automation: Getnotify, CampaignMonitor

- Teach Sales Teams new Technical Skills in IT such as : Allego , Brainshark , Gazing

- New Partners / Remote Sales Representatives / Co-opetition

- Maximize Values in 2021, Micromanagement for sales teams 

New Digital Sales Trends Conference 2021

Modern & New Sales Tactics 2021

VIP Sales Speaker Keynote in Sales Event

احدث طرق البيع وفنون المبيعات 2021 مؤتمر مصر


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