Monday, January 17, 2022

Digital Marketing Trends 2023

Digital Marketing Trends 2023

ü  Video, video, video

ü  Increased personal connections

ü  promise high data protection

ü  shape meaningful and memorable messaging that makes online experiences better

ü  updating the language and designs you use

ü  brands should be more intentional about communicating their value and authentic purpose

ü  You have to create messages and experiences that are true to your brand and relevant to people,

ü  “Shoppable” content: how you can make your content story-driven to make it more shoppable

ü  marketers can show people how their business is solving everyday sustainability problems, such as reducing the waste created by increased shopping deliveries and returns.

ü  The Rise Of Interactive Content

ü  Intent Monitoring

ü  people-based targeting through cookies

ü  readable and shareable Long-Form ‘Guide’ Pages

ü  Social commerce : shorten the distance from discovery to conversion.

ü  Shoppable livestreams

ü  release gender-neutral photos

ü  create first-party data so you don’t have to rely on others’ data as much

ü  Zero-party data, or data given directly by the consumer through online interactions like surveys

ü  focus on providing meaningful experiences to users

ü  The Metaverse

ü  Non-fungible tokens

ü  Cryptocurrency



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