Digital Customer Service | Customer Expereince CX Trends

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Digital Customer Service & Customer Experience CX 2024

1. Overview:

Customer satisfaction is the main target for all companies all over the world, Specially Online. It’s the main engine of supporting the Business success of any organization and has a great impact on their Online Reputation.


2. Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of the program, you'll be able to :

o   Optimizing the social media to increase our customers’ satisfaction.

o   Dealing with the Negative comments professionally

o   Build a brand and manage online communities.

o   How to communicate and serve customers effectively through social media

o   Best practice to develop a customer-focused attitude

o   Develop and maintain a positive and helping attitude

o   Manage difficult situations and conflict on social media

o   How to display the service professionally to your online customer

3. Course  Content

Day 1:

-         Introduction to Online customer service and its concept.

-         Difference between Online / Offline Customer Service.

-         Importance of social media customer service

-         Customers’ expectations on the online world

-         The main Social Media Platforms that Customers Use

-         Late response is no response

-         Know when to enter the Conversation

-         Know when to take the conversation Offline

-         Listen to what your customer has to say

-         What Is e-Trust?

-         360 degree of Digital Customer Service

-         Causes of Conflict on social media

-         Crisis and Issue Management on social media

-         How to Deal With Negative Comments

Day 2:

-         Using the “ # “ Hastags and “ @” Mentions Professionally

-         Understand the Culture of every Social Media Platform

-         Case Studies from Regional / International Companies

-         How to understand and analyses the Customer needs online

-         How to convert the Customer Complains / Suggestions / Inquiries

-         Develop social media customer service that aligns with business objectives

-         Best Software to Manage your Digital Customer Service presence

-         Develop a brand and manage reputation online

-         Controlling Customer Complains on Website / Forums / Blogs / E-mail

Day 3:

-         Customer Relationship Management (Online on SM).

-         The professional Scenarios For online Respond

-         Elements of electronic communication process

-         Total Volume

-         Resolution Rate

-         Average Time for Resolution

-         Social media Listening

-         Online Reputation Management ( ORM )

-         Trends of Online Customers Care in 2024

Day 4:

- Introduction to customer service and its concept.

- The role of the man in the customer service organization.

- Increase your awareness of problem solving steps and problem-solving tools

- Distinguish root causes from symptoms to identify the right solution for the right problem

- Improve your problem solving and decision making skills through identifying your own problem-solving style

- Improve your ability to participate in and communicate about a collaborative problem-solving process

- Recognize the top ten rules of good decision-making

- Goals of customer care.

- What are the main advantages and disadvantages of the customer care ?


            - Customer Relationship Management (hardcopy - electronically).

- Types of customers.

- Develop professional service attitude

- Recognize that service delivery is an individual response value

- Identify the different types of customers

- Discuss & Explain Customer Complaints

- Smartly apply techniques to control customer service interaction

- Demonstrate a customer service Mindset

- Define the key characteristics that underlie difficult behaviors

- How to deal with the types and patterns of different customers in practice.

- Base 80 \ 20 and customer segmentation. 

Day 6:

- Digital Customer Service

- How do you evaluate services compared to competitors?

- Identify communication in high-performing teams

- Recognize the communication in teams vs communication as team concept

- Implement the Flow model of working in teams

- Practice team collaboration and keep assessing your own performance

- What are the types of customer service globally?

- Improve Customer Success Via CX ( Customer Experience )

- Trends of Customer Care in 2024

4. Methodology:
The course is geared towards Customer Care by using participatory approaches as much as possible. A variety of methodologies will be used, including presentations, discussions, group work, video discussions, questions and answers, practical sessions (hands-on practice), and simulations.


5. Who Should Attend?

·       Customer Services Department

·       Senior & Junior Sales

·       Call Center Agents

·       Senior & Junior Marketers

·       Social Media Executives


6. Languages:

·       English

·       Arabic


7. Duration:

·      5 Days

8. Reference:


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