Advanced Social Media Marketing | AI tools for Social Listening

Prepared By : Ahmed Refaat
Regional Trainer, Consultant, and Speaker
Saudi Arabia / Egypt / Morocco / United Arab Emirates / Sudan / Lebanon / Turkey /Qatar/ Kuwait / Oman
WhatsApp / Egyptian Mobile +2 0100 199 7405 / Saudi Mobile: +966546810652 

Certified Social Media Marketing Course in Riyadh  Jeddah  Doha  Dubai 2024

1. Overview:
Online marketing & Social Media became one of the most successful tools in advertising for any kind of business. It’s the appropriate time to invest into the internet marketing and know the basic Concepts of that online world. The core of this Workshop is awareness of Online Marketing world Techniques & Secrets, and how to reach targeted customers easily in a professional ways.
In this Workshop we will Discuss the most popular online channels used by the targeted customers In order to reach potential internet customers, The Best Social Media Marketing Trainer & Instructor all over the world, and how to create an integrated online marketing plan putting in consideration the popular online channels used by each country internet users that will help in building up a reputable online image for your business in the right place with the best ROI

2. Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of program, you'll be able to ---
ü Be aware of Main Social Media Channels
ü Understand how using Social Networks can achieve your business goals.
ü Creating Online Ads through Social Networks
ü Create a Social Media Plan & Strategy
ü Using Social Networks in Competitor’s Analysis
ü Manage & Monitor any Online Social Activity

3. Online Marketing Workshop Content

ü  Introduction to Social Networks
ü  Main Social Media Platforms 
     TikTok Advertising
      - Analysis, features, best practices 
- Creative Tools for Posting 
- TikTok Trends
- Filming, editing, and posting tips
- How to build community
- Influencers Marketing & 
- Tiktok Business Center
- TikTok Advanced Online Ads Creation
- TikTok Marketing Strategy
- How TikTok's top brands are growing today
     Facebook Marketing
ü  Facebook Advertising
ü  How to use your LinkedIn effectively?
-          Company Page Managing
-          Pulse / Articles creation
-          Advanced Search on LinkedIn
-          Groups Posting
-          Jobs Announcement
-          Targeting Decision Makers on LinkedIn
ü  LinkedIn Advertising
ü  Twitter Tactics :
-          Twitter Profile Optimization
-          Twitter Profile LandScape
-          Twitter Dashboard
-          Twitter Analytics
-          How to manage your Community
-          Hashtag # Strategy
-          Twitter Trends
-          Polls on Twitter
-          UGC ( User Generated Content )from Tweets
-          Twitter Audits
-          Advanced Using of “ @ “  / “ Lists “ / “ Moments “ techniques
ü  Twitter Advertising
-          Advanced Targeting Techniques
-          Buyer Persona Analysis
-          Budgeting optimization
ü  Youtube Channel Optimization
ü  Youtube Mixing & Studio
ü  Video exposure & Trending
ü  YouTube Advertising
ü  Advanced Techniques of Instagram Marketing
-          Profile Optimization
-          Instagram Auditing
-          Instagram Art Work structure
-          Instagram Analytics
-          Online Shopping through Instagram
-                            -            Instagram Advanced Management - secrets & tactics 
-          Instagram Hashtag Tracking & Monitoring 

 Advanced Techniques of Snapchat Marketing
-          Snapchat Ads Manager & Campaign Optimization
-          Snapchat Insights
-      launch and manage high-performing campaigns
-     Snapchat content Plan creation
-     Local Business on Snapchat
-     Lens Studio
Social Media Optimization
ü  Social Media Listening & ORM
ü  Facebook Chatbot
ü  Social Media Re-Marketing
ü Instagram in Online Marketing for corporate
ü  How to use YouTube ?
ü  Building a community on social media platforms 
ü  Content Marketing
ü  Content Plan
ü  How to Deal With Negative Comments
ü  Advanced Search & Generate Leads From Social Media
ü  How to Increase Your Community in a Professional Ways
ü  Recommendations for Engaging with your Community
ü  Social Media Mix
ü  Most Popular Software in Managing SM
ü  Reports & Insights in Social Media
ü  Modern Social Media Marketing Trends in 2024

4. Methodology:
The Workshop is geared towards Internet Business learning and uses participatory approaches as much as possible. A variety of methodologies will be used, including presentation, discussions, group work, video discussions, question and answers, practical sessions (hands-on practice), small and large group exercises, and simulations.

5. Learning Media and Formats:

ü  Online Presentation
ü  Online Case Studies
ü  Internet Marketing Books on CD
ü  Practical Workshop

6. Who Should Attend?

ü  Junior Marketer
ü  Senior Marketer
ü  Junior Online Marketer
ü  Senior Online Marketer
ü  Business Development Manager
ü  Web Developer
ü  Web Designer
ü  Business Owner
ü  Sales Manager
ü  Sales Executives
ü  CEO

7. Duration:
  • 5 Days

8. Languages:

ü  Arabic / English

9. Reference:

Some photos of my Courses in 11 Countries



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